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Friday, August 12, 2016

Nassau CCD numbers from 2016 directory

Parish religious education programs for youngsters not attending Catholic schools are often called "Religious Ed" or "CCD" classes.  The establishment of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine in each Catholic parish dates back more than four centuries, and these programs have strong numbers in many parishes of Nassau County.
The recent publication of the 2016 Official Catholic Directory has allowed me to look at the reported enrollments in religious education programs in the approximately 66 parishes of Nassau County. The numbers are slipping, just as enrollment in public or non-public schools, but nothing at all like the steep drop in marriages.
Parish life ought not be judged by numbers, as small numbers or low revenue may may be found in parishes with a loving worship community. With that caution, I present sample enrollment numbers in CCD classes in the parishes of Nassau County.
The ten largest are:
St. Rose of Lima: 2,557 (but that number has been questioned).
St. Agnes Cathedral: 1,896.
St. Martin of Tours, Bethpage: 1,519.
St. Frances de Chantal: 1,501.
St. William the Abbot: 1,486.
Maria Regina, Seaford: 1,466.
St. Barnabas, Bellmore: 1,450.
St. Kilian: 1,400.
St. Joseph, Garden City: 1,400. 
St. Catherine of Sienna: 1,388.
Six of the above ten have a parish schools, which adds maybe 300 to 650 students receiving religious education. Some round numbers above are suspect because they were the same figure last year.
The median number of religious ed students is at Our Holy Redeemer, Freeport: 493.
Eight parishes reported an enrollment under 200. Several reported no students or failed to submit data.
The total number of CCD students in Nassau County is more than 42,268.

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