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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sacred Heart, Island Park

There are two parishes in Nassau County named Sacred Heart.  This one, in Island Park, is the older one, being established in 1938.  Its address is 282 Long Beach Road, Island Park NY 11558, telephone 516-432-0655.  Its website is linked here.
Regarding the Mass schedule: The same schedule was seen here in May, 2015.

The tent may signal preparation for the annual feast of San Gennaro.

Across Long Beach Road is the parish center.
The N15 bus provides frequent service on this street, connecting Roosevelt Field, Mineola, and Hempstead with Long Beach.  The above three photos were taken in 2011.

In May, 2015, I visited the church after the Tuesday morning Mass. This was still the Easter season.  I wonder whether the celebration of the Resurrection is there all year long, as its reality endures.

Friday, January 16, 2015

St. Ladislaus, Hempstead

The mailing address of the parish of St. Ladislaus is 18 Richardson Place, Hempstead NY 11550, telephone 516-489-0368.  The church faces the busy intersection of Front Street, Peninsula Boulevard, and Richardson Place, about a quarter-mile east of Main Street.  The parish website is linked here.
About forty years after the establishment of the parish of Our Lady of Loretto in Hempstead, a mission to Polish Catholics was begun, first in Uniondale (where St. Martha's now is) and later in Hempstead.  This led to the formation of the parish of St. Ladislaus, which welcomes Catholics of all backgrounds.

The above photo was taken on 1.16.2015.  Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.  The parish website and other sources show also a Mass in Latin at 9 a.m. on Sundays.

Looking west along Front Street on a Sunday morning, one sees the white steeple of the United Methodist Church (1822), and beyond it the cupola of St. George's Episcopal Church (chartered by George II in 1735).  The Presbyterian congregation a few blocks north dates from the 1720's. Previously, the church organization was apparently Congregational.  Robert Fordham, one of the 1643 founders of Hempstead, seems to have been a Quaker minister.  Although these older churches are "downtown," the Catholic churches are in easy walking distance: Our Lady of Loretto to the south (with a wise purchase of larger grounds), and the St. Ladislaus and St. Vladimir to the east, maybe in the direction of the parishioners' farms.  Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.

The Internet Polish Genealogical Source includes a lengthy history of the parish.  The architect of this 1926 church was Gustave Steinback.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Facebook, parishes, and schools

Some parishes and Catholic organizations have active Facebook pages that can be viewed by people, as I, who have not joined Facebook.  In addition to the links on this blog, it might be good to search for the parish, school, or organization on Facebook. When I happen upon such active pages, I will link them to the parish listing on this blog. It appears that the Facebook corporation itself might establish a parish page without any local initiative. Those pages tend to be inactive, with merely a header.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nassau numbers from 2013

The 2014 Official Catholic Directory, recently available, includes statistics probably collected in 2013 or earlier.  My computations could be wrong, but it would seem that the 27 Catholic elementary schools in Nassau County had a total enrollment about 10,126, plus whatever the enrollment at Notre Dame, New Hyde Park, is.  Whether some schools included pre-kindergarten students in the count is unclear.    St. Agnes, Rockville Centre, reported the highest enrollment, 827 students, but that same number has been reported for a few years in a row, an unlikely event.  St. William reported 569, St. Anne 540, St. Aidan 529.
The site elementaryschools.org lists grade-by-grade enrollment without giving a date of the statistics.  However, an analysis of that site shows how Pre-Kindergarten enrollment at some parishes can skew the total.  
The approximately 66 parishes in Nassau County have religious education programs which instructed about 43,295 youngsters, plus whatever the enrollments at Notre Dame and St. Anthony (Oceanside) are.  The highest enrollments seems to have been at St. Rose of Lima, 2,650 students, Maria Regina 2,010.

Friday, August 29, 2014

DRVC numbers from 2013

The 2014 Official Catholic Directory, published recently, includes statistics probably collected in 2013 or earlier.  Below are some sample statistics for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, as given in the OCD's dated 2003, 2011, 2013, and 2014.  In each case, the numbers may be rather stale. I have omitted some numbers that seem wildly inaccurate.
Sisters in the diocese: 1,398;  1,080;  1,070; 1,026.
Brothers in the diocese: 89;  79;  77; 68.
Permanent deacons in diocese: 233;  273; (2013) 275. The count of permanent deacons is missing from the 2014 directory.
Diocesan priests: 391;  360;  345; 337.
Extern priests (2002) 51; (2014) 89.
Students in elementary religious education programs:  121,699;  110,440;  108,697; (2014) 108,697. Why is it the exact same number as 2013?
Students in Catholic elementary schools: (2011) 20,042; (2013) 17,797; (2014) 17,142.
Students in Catholic high schools: (2011) 12,576;  (2013) 12,155; (2014) 12,041.
Infant Baptisms: (2003) 20,983;  (2011) 16,079;  (2013) 15,211; (2014) 14,973.
First Communions: 20,397;  17,537;  16,722; 16,623.
Marriages, Catholic: 4,576;  2,813;  2,683; 2,687 (up 4).
Marriages, interfaith:  963;  589;  520; 535 (up 15).
Deaths: 13,119;  11,644;  10,370; 11,015.
Catholic population: (2013) 1,531,445; (2014) 1,467,211.
Total population: (2013) 3,504,737; (2014) 3,308,154. However, these numbers are much higher than those reported by other sources.
LIPA's January, 2011, population estimates were:
Nassau: 1,337,756.
Suffolk: 1,492,450
Total population of the diocese's two counties: 2,830,306.
The 2012 OCD  used the number 2,875,904 for the total population, close enough. However, the OCD 2013 and 2014 population numbers are about 460,000 too high! 
The U.S. Census bureau estimated the 2013 population of Nassau County as 1,342,156 and Suffolk County as 1,499,738, for a total Diocese of Rockville Centre population (both counties) of 2,841894.  
I cannot find 2013 or 2014 estimates from LIPA or PSEG, the power companies.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Catholic HS Entrance Exam

Regarding entrance to a Catholic high school in Nassau or Suffolk County, New York, the dates are fast approaching.  Please see the website linked here for a list of deadlines and other information about taking the test.  The website includes applications for the exam with or without a request for exceptional treatment "with accommodation."
There are seven Catholic high schools in Nassau County and three in Suffolk County. One entrance exam counts for all. An eighth-grader may apply to three schools.  
I wonder about the ratio between the number of test-takers and the number of seats available in the seven high schools. 
St. Mary's HS, Manhasset, graduated 152 students in June.
Chaminade HS, Mineola, graduated 399 boys in June.
Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead, graduated 216 girls in June.
I am trying to find the numbers for the other high schools.

St. Mary of the Isle, Long Beach

The parish of St. Mary of the Isle stands on the south side of East Park Avenue at Monroe Boulevard, Long Beach, New York, three blocks east of the Long Beach railroad station and the city center.  This view shows the church, the parish center to the right, and the rectory at 315 East Walnut Street, Long Beach, NY 11561, telephone 516-432-0157.  The parish website is liked here.
Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.

Founded in 1918, this parish is the oldest of the three parishes on the barrier reef that runs ten miles from Point Lookout on the east to Silver Point on the west.  St. Mary of the Isle sponsors Long Beach Catholic Regional School.
The above photo was taken in 2012, before the hurricane Sandy damaged many buildings in Long Beach.  The photo below was taken in 2014, after repairs.

Photos of a Mass on the beach and many more items of interest are on the parish Facebook page, linked here.