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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DRVC numbers from 2016 directory

The 2016 Official Catholic Directory, published recently, includes statistics probably collected in 2015 or earlier. Below are some sample statistics for the diocese of Rockville Centre. For my earlier reports on this topic, click HERE.
Sisters in the diocese: 980.
Brothers in the diocese: 67.
Permanent deacons in the diocese: 292.
Diocesan priests, active: 208. (Was 226 in 2010.)
Diocesan priests, retired, ill, or absent: 103.
Religious priests in diocese: 54.
Extern priests in diocese: 89. (Was 128 in 2010.)
Total priests in diocese: 365.
Students in elementary religious education programs: 99,644.
Students in high school religious education programs: 2,709.
Elementary schools, diocesan, parish, and private: 47.
Elementary school students, diocesan, parish and private: 16,047.
High Schools, diocesan and parish: 5
Students in these: 4,013.
High Schools, private: 5.
Students in these: 7,405.
Lay teachers in diocese: 1,741. (Was 1,851 in 2010.)
Sisters teachers in diocese: 20 (Was 57 in 2010.)
Brothers teachers in diocese: 30.
Priests teachers in diocese: 9.
Infant baptisms: 14,287.
Minor baptisms: 738.
Adult baptisms: 932.
Received into full communion: 512.
First Communion: 15,312.
Confirmations: 15,195.
Catholic marriages: 2,710.
Interfaith marriages: 537.
Total marriages: 3,247. (Was 3,956 in 2010.)
Total Catholic population (two counties): 1,455,644.
Total population (two counties): 2,908,917.
Comparing the above marriage numbers for the Diocese of Rockville Centre with numbers for the Diocese of Brooklyn:
Catholic marriages: 1,849.
Interfaith marriages: 357.
Total marriages: 2,206.
Total Catholic population in the diocese of Brooklyn: 1,506,000.
Both dioceses have two counties.  The diocese of Brooklyn has 50,000 more Catholics and 1,000 fewer weddings. Does DRVC have more people of marriageable age?

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