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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

St. Edward Confessor, Syosset

St. Edward Confessor stands in front of his new church at 205 Jackson Avenue, Syosset NY 11791.  The parish telephone number is 516-921-8030.  The school entrance is around the corner at 2 Teibrook Avenue, telephone 516-921-7767.  The buildings are about a half-mile south of the Syosset train station, via Jackson Avenue.
Edward, who became King of England, lived from 1003 to 1066.  The title "Confessor" means that he confessed the Faith, not that he heard confessions.  He was not a priest.  It seems that there are two other parishes in Nassau County named for saintly monarchs: St. Hedwig and St. Ladislaus.

The church, seen here from Jackson Avenue, is many-sided.  The main entrance and foyer are at the left of this photo.  The church faces a large parking lot surrounded by the parish buildings and a green ballfield. 

An excellent article in the Long Island Catholic is linked here.

The school website is linked here.  The parish website, out of service as I type, is listed in the bulletin as www.st-edwards.org  On 5.28.2013, Newsday reported that the school enrollment is 218.

The quotation seems to be from a 1937 encyclical, "Divini Redemptoris."

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