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Saturday, August 25, 2012

St. Mary, Manhasset

The church of St. Mary, Manhasset, is located at 1300 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, NY 11030, telephone 516-627-0385.  Its website is linked here.  The parish property is quite extensive, all on the south side of Northern Boulevard, NY 25A,  as one ascends eastbound from Manhassset Valley Park and Community Drive.  The above two views are taken from the sidewalk of Northern Boulevard near Clapham Avenue.  Parking is behind the church.
The parish website is linked here.
The parish history is a bit complicated because the parish was at times an established parish, at times a mission of another parish.  In the 1850's, an older wooden church located at St. Michael's, Flushing, was transported to Plandome Road to provide a mission church for St. Mary's, which received its first resident pastor in 1863.  However, in 1871, it became a mission of St. Mary's, Roslyn and in 1897 a mission of St. Peter of Alcantara, Port Washington. In 1912, it received its own pastor, who modeled the present church on the San Luis Rey mission in California.
All the parish buildings are on the south side of Northern Blvd. in Manhasset.  While the rectory address is 1300, the elementary school is at 1340 Northern Blvd., telephone 516-627-0184.  The high school is on the west side of the church, at 51 Clapham Avenue, Manhasset NY 11030, telephone 516-627-2711.
Please be aware that there is another St. Mary's Catholic parish four miles east, in Roslyn.


St. Mary's elementary school, resembling a church at first glance, stands prominently at the intersection of Plandome Road and Northern Boulevard.  Its address is 1340 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, NY 11030, telephone 516-627-0184.  The elementary school website is linked here.  

St. Mary's High School uses the address of the above building at 51 Clapham Avenue, Manhasset NY 11540, telephone 516-627-2711.  The high school website is linked here.

However, the high school also uses this newer building adjacent to Brinkerhoff Lane and south of the elementary school.

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